Nationwide Life Science Leaders Unite to Celebrate Continued Investment in Biotech at New York Stock Exchange

January 3, 2024, New York, NY – NewYorkBIO convened 16 leaders of life science trade organizations across the country to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and kick off Biotech Month. As New York continues to differentiate itself as a hub for the life sciences, leaders gathered at the NYSE to highlight the link between investment and innovation to best serve patients nationwide.


“Nationwide collaboration is crucial to driving innovation, finding cures, and ultimately improving health outcomes and quality of life for patients,” said Jennifer Hawks Bland, CEO of NewYorkBIO. “As the worldwide epicenter for the financial sector, New York is uniquely positioned as a nexus for connecting the biosciences industry with the capital that makes groundbreaking research and development possible. NewYorkBIO is grateful to NYSE for this opportunity to welcome our colleagues from across the country to Wall Street, as we bring new meaning to ‘ringing in the new year’ and kick off Biotech Month.”


The event is one of several ongoing collaborations between NewYorkBIO and NYSE, who work together to connect New York’s robust investor community with innovative life science organizations of all types and sizes.


“We are thrilled to host NewYorkBIO and life sciences leaders from across the U.S. at the NYSE to ring our Closing Bell in honor of Biotechnology Month,” said Michael Harris, Global Head of Capital Markets at the New York Stock Exchange. “As we continue to see growth in the life sciences industry, the NYSE looks forward to welcoming many more biotech companies to our community of icons and disruptors.”


NewYorkBIO’s CEO Jennifer Hawks Bland was joined by the below leaders from life science organizations across the country:

· Nick Shipley, Chief Advocacy Officer at BIO

· Michele Oshman, Vice President for External Affairs at BIO

· Chris Molineaux, President & CEO of Life Sciences Pennsylvania

· Debbie Hart, President & CEO of BioNJ

· Elyse Blazevich, President & CEO of Colorado BioScience Association

· Eddie Pauline, President & CEO of Ohio Life Sciences

· Jodie Gillon, President & CEO of BioCT

· John Conrad, President & CEO of Illinois Biotechnology Innovation


· Joni Ekstrum, Executive Director of South Dakota Biotech

· Kelly Schulz, CEO of Maryland Tech Council

· Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, President & CEO of MassBio

· Laura Gunter, President of North Carolina Life Sciences Organization

· Maria Thacker, President & CEO of Georgia Bio

· Michael Fleming, President of Delaware BioScience Association

· Mike Guerra, President & CEO of California Life Sciences


First introduced by President Clinton in 2000, National Biotechnology Month is an opportunity for the nation’s biotech community to come together to recognize the industry’s achievements on behalf of patients around the world. Falling in January, the recognition month is also an opportunity for industry leaders to look ahead to the advancements of the upcoming year.


To capture the closing bell on January 3, refer to NYSE’s website:


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